For sale


Junior Dragster JR/S

Brigs & Stratton Raptor engine
M/T slicks
Seat to rollcage: 70 cm
Wheelbase: 350 cm

Price: 35 000 SEK

Phone: +46 70 628 7314
E-mail: contact

Top Methanol Funny Car rolling chassis for sale

The Funny Car of Pritona Racing driven by Kjell SjŲblom is for sale in favour of a new car. Itís the ex Roger Bateman funny Car driven by Kjell in the FIA series 2005 - 2007 being sold as a roller.

Chassis built 1995 and updated 2003, never wrecked, itís set up and adjusted to launch nice and straight.
Chevy Monte Carlo carbonfibre 2006 body.
A tidy and good looking car with many nice details.
The car is located at the Pritona Racingís workshop in Njurunda, Sundsvall, Sweden.

Sold as roller, meaning less gearbox, clutch, engine with belonging ignition and fuel system and the on board computer. Add your own combination of engine and transmission.
Take it to TMFC - Comp - Super Comp or any other suitable class.
If you want more or less parts to be included in the purchase, it can be negotiated.

Pictures of the car >> select 2006 or 2007 galleries options

Price: 21 000 Euro - 185 000 SEK

Phone: +46 70 631 2859 or +46 70 628 7314
E-mail: contact