Race car - Transmission

To get the engine power to the wheels it has to go through a Crower triple disc dry clutch with sinter material 10.7" diameter discs and 3/8" thickness steel floaters in between the discs. Adjustable clamping force allows controlled clutch slip to get the car started right on tracks with different grip. The clutch pedal is used at the start only, not for gear changes.

Even if there is plenty of power in the engine it's not strong enough for direct drive, some gear ratio is needed. It's done with a B&J three speed planetary gearbox with reverse. Shifting is done with pressurized CO2, button-controlled under full throttle.

The final link to the wheels is a Strange "Ford 9.5" rear end contained in a steel housing. With no differential gears a spool, transfers the power equally to both wheels. Gear ratio is 4.30:1.