Race car - Engine

The engine is built with BAE block, BAE heads with a PSI supercharger on top run at 92% overdrive operating at up to 45 psi 3.2 atm. The engine is made made by aluminium and magnesium alloys for the major parts. No coolant cavities or radiator is needed, since the fuel keeps the temp down and cavities makes block and heads weaker.

By the rules there are two valves per cylinder, and a single camshaft with pushrods.

It's a V8 of 521 cui, 8528 cc. The supercharger Burning methanol fuel at a consumption rate of 50 litres per minute running on full throttle. A mechanical and pneumatic system controlles the fuel injection.

An MSD 44 amp Magneto distributor

Torque: 2500 to 2800 Nm @ 6.000 rpm. Horsepower: 2600 to 2900 hp @ 10.000 rpm. Max rev. 11.000 rpm.