2010 plans

Kjell in the new Funny Car

With several construction projects carried on, the time for racing is limited. The plans are how ever to take the racecar back on the tracks again. It's merely a question of how many events and when the timing is right.

With a new PSI supercharger to replace the old one that wasn't good enough to produce the boost needed to be competitive in the European FIA series. Combined with up to date engine short blocks and BAE stage-6 cylinder heads and the best MSD ignition system, will make sure there's enough engine power to race at the top.

The new chassis bought from Martin Lundqvist has been updated with the latest safety devices, including the helmet shrouds on the roll cage. The old chassis bought from Roger Bateman for the 2005 season, will be updated as well and is for sale to aspiring TMFC drivers.

Kjell and Pritona Racing is in motorsports because it's' fun, and when you are successful, you have even more fun... The conclusion will be that it's necessary to have a fast car to be in this game. Speed and low elapsed times will be developed with a number of events testing and tuning, since the potential is there.

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